Please select the PAINWeekend below to request Arbor Pharma staff hotel reservations:

Detroit, MI (April 1) Due by March 3 $129/night++
St. Louis, MO (April 2) Due by March 3 $159/night++
Atlanta, GA (April 30) Due by March 31 $199/night++
Kansas City, MO (May 6) Due by April 7 $119/night++
Tampa, FL (May 20) Due by April 21 $149/night++
Salt lake City, UT (June 3) Due by May 5 $179/night++
Nahville, TN (June 4) Due by May 5 $199/night++
Houston, TX (June 11) Due by May 12 $99/night++
Pittsburgh, PA (June 25) Due by May 26 $169/night++
New Orleans, LA (June 25) Due by May 26 $219/night++
All room nights are non-refundable. Name changes are allowed at no fee, but must be made using this portal.